Another surprise reader!

Miss Louwnes was a brilliant reader for 3M today, we really enjoyed her coming to our class to share her favourite book The Twits. She read 3 chapters, the chapters name were Mrs Twit has the shrinks, Mrs Twit gets a stretching and Mr Twit gets a horrid shock.

My favourite part was when Mr Twit gets a shock, this was funny because Miss Louwnes changed her voice to be Mr Twit. I hope Miss comes to our class to share another book!

I hope we get another surprise visitor soon…..

By Orion.


7 thoughts on “Another surprise reader!

  1. I really love the twits sadly Mrs Louwnes didn’t have time to read the whole book to us as she was our guest reader.

  2. I really love the twits too Elizabeth, but it was so sad Mrs Louwnes had to go back to her class as she didn’t read the whole story, however I might read the book myself.

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