Market place activity

We looked at a piece of information about the Egyptians. Each table had a different sheet. Some were about Priests, Pharaohs and even farmers. Miss introduced to a new activity called ‘the market place’, we were confused what we would have to do in this activity!

In our groups we had to read the information sheet to know about that topic. Then we had to choose a child teacher. Next we presented the information using no more than 6 words and 6 pictures. Next you had to turn the information sheet over. Finally we had to share the pictures/words with other groups and explain the information.

By Nelly and Elizabeth.


6 thoughts on “Market place activity

  1. I really loved the Market place activity because I enjoyed it when we all had to go around each table and write down the things the teacher was telling us about the different topics about pharaohs, Farmers, priests and soldiers.

  2. The posters were amazing they had lots of great information on, also it had detailed pictures on the posters.

  3. I really loved the market place activity because I learnt new facts from soldiers and farmers. It was so much fun!

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