Fruit tasting.

In Literacy we have been learning about shape poems, today we tried some African fruits because we have been learning about Africa in topic.

We then generated adjectives to describe the fruits taste, appearance and texture. Tomorrow we will be making our shape poems.

16 thoughts on “Fruit tasting.

  1. First we looked at the fruits to describe them then when we tasted all the fruit. We also smelt them and then we created a shape poem.

  2. 3M, you came up with fantastic vocabulary to describe the fruits! Well done. I look forward to reading your shape poems.

  3. First we looked at the food then we smelt it, then we used adjectives to describe it. Next we tasted these and talked about how it tasted then we all picked another fruit and tasted it.

  4. I did like making thursday peom and peom i friday we are wrote on card thax you for let use have some good time on the last three days miss Mulkit and miss Mortier.

  5. Today in Literacy I got to feel the texture of different fruits from Africa, I got to look at them and describe these using adjectives. I smelt them with my nose and tasted them by using my mouth. My favourite activity was when I wrote my own fruit poems in my book and then I copied these onto a blank sheet of paper in the shape of my fruit. The fruits I got to choose from were… Pomegranates, Lychees, Pineapple, Mango, Melon and Kiwi.

  6. My favourite fruits were the lychees and pomegranates. I enjoyed the whole activity because we I got to eat the fruits from Africa.

  7. The Fruits were so tasty that I went to asda and bought some more. My favourite fruit is Lychee. I enjoyed creating my shape poem. Thank you Miss Mulkit and Miss Mortimer for introducing the fruits to us and letting us taste them.
    I hope you have a really good holiday.

  8. I loved all the kinds of fruit but kiwi was the best because it was sour and delicious, I love sour tasting things! My whole group agreed with me.

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