Egyptian museum

At the Egyptian museum we made posters about pharaohs, clothes, pyramids and temples. We also made clay mummies and coffins. Our fact files were put on boards for our moms and dads to see. My mom came to the museum it made me happy.

Uhmymah 3G


Egyptian Museum

Today was a really good day because all our mums and dads came in to our museum where we got to show off all of our learning from our Night at the Museum topic.

I liked having the adults there to show them our work.

By Orion.

Egyptian museum

Y3 have been working hard in our topic Night at the museum. Our parents came to our amazing museum to see our lovely work this morning and we explained to them how we had been independent learners this half term by organising our own learning. We also made our clay models of the artefacts some of us made a head rest, canopic jars or lots of other models. We also did our project about Gods , Mummification , Pharaohs pyramids . Today we have shared with our parents  all of our facts and our projects. We not only showed are parents we also got to sharing our learning with year 4, year2 and year 6 . Parents thought this museum was fantastic.

by Sunya and Simran

Blast off with reading with 3M!

We all love reading in 3M it’s a fun thing and enjoy blasting off in the book corner. We especially  love our dinosaur comics, non fiction  and joke books. They are also scary and funny. Our favourite authors are Roald Dahl, Anne Fine and Judy Blume.

During free choice reading we like to take the box of dinosaur magazines and share these with each other on the  carpet, we read and pretend we are teachers to share the books with our friends too.

Our new activity that we really enjoy is putting out all the animals books and sit in the middle and read all the facts together.

Have a look at our photos. By Simran and Devinder.


Ukulele website

Today Mr Shepherd has shown us a new website where there are examples of us playing some songs during our Ukulele lesson.

We have started to learn to play jingle bells, have a listen and each week there will be a new upload to see our progress.

Have a look on the website and see what you think!

Another surprise reader!

Miss Louwnes was a brilliant reader for 3M today, we really enjoyed her coming to our class to share her favourite book The Twits. She read 3 chapters, the chapters name were Mrs Twit has the shrinks, Mrs Twit gets a stretching and Mr Twit gets a horrid shock.

My favourite part was when Mr Twit gets a shock, this was funny because Miss Louwnes changed her voice to be Mr Twit. I hope Miss comes to our class to share another book!

I hope we get another surprise visitor soon…..

By Orion.


Market place activity

We looked at a piece of information about the Egyptians. Each table had a different sheet. Some were about Priests, Pharaohs and even farmers. Miss introduced to a new activity called ‘the market place’, we were confused what we would have to do in this activity!

In our groups we had to read the information sheet to know about that topic. Then we had to choose a child teacher. Next we presented the information using no more than 6 words and 6 pictures. Next you had to turn the information sheet over. Finally we had to share the pictures/words with other groups and explain the information.

By Nelly and Elizabeth.