Pokemon through the tunel by Eloise

Slowly, I crept throught the gloomy, terrifying tunnel full of strange voices. Then I saw a glowing, flashing, glorious light; it was a golden door!  Then I quickly rampaged through the golden door and I saw right in front of me. There was a Pokemon hotel that was enormous!  Suddenly, a delighted Pimplup slid down a clean, light blue pipe. The Pokemon hotel had vivid, shining petalled flowers  and lots of old, rusty tyres for the main body. There was used up cardboard toilet rolls and all the  bright flowers were in a  labeled purple box. There were rose smelling bins around the hotel. There were  blue, also red bean bags for windows. I was delighted  that my hair was lifting up in  the wind. I could feel the soft, fluffy fur of Pikachu and hear the joyful squeaks of  Lilypup. I could also hear the sweet song of  JiglyPuf before I fell fast asleep in the gigantic snorlax!  Then suddenly  a sneaky idea crept  in my head; should I stay here? I looked at the door  and at the hotel. Should I?


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