Our excellent electrical circuits!

This morning we have been making fantastic electrical circuits with Dom! Can you explain how we made our circuits and what materials we used?

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  1. in topic today we made some led lights for our new
    topic we had some normal batteries crocodile clips
    we joined the wires it lighted up it was really bright.
    rember the plus wire goes to plus minus wire goes to the
    minus if you dont do it right it wont work.

  2. this morning we made real light what could light up because we were going to put it on our rangoli patterns we used wires,battiries and led thats what did we connected together is the wire and the light.

  3. When we made our circuits we used to wires and we used LED to make the lights and we joined them togther to make the light to work also we used this battries for it to make it light up too.

  4. To make our lights work we needed a battery holder, battries, two wiers and LED. To make it we had to put the battries into the battery holder and connect the wires into the negative wire and the other one onto the positve wire. Then you have to put your LED into the wires then it will light up.

  5. we yoused wies and circits in adition we had to yous
    domes battereas and I had a good activati and when
    miss said that you are going to put it on your Rangoli pattens

  6. we had dom for literacy and we lit a light bulb which is called LED and we are going to put it in are rangolly pattannn

  7. today this morning we made a light we needed a LED and conneked led o0n to difrent wire and we needewd batries to make light if we dident have batries so we needed them to light them up to make a light and we had small wire vand a big wire some peple did two and some peple one and some peple were experts and some were needed help so we were helping peple to do them and we finshed them and we put some on a patens and we were getting on our
    we had difrent colers so we can be the best class so we did finshe ours now we are goning to put it on our rangowley paternes and we are goning to were them some were on a body

  8. Yesterday we made a light it was red and green. In addition it was shining; we turned the light it was hot as the sun when we touched it.

  9. Read Callum’s fabulous comment!

    To make the circuit we had to use LED lights and a battery holder with batteries in and wires. You have to get your battery holder and put the batteries in and put the wires together. Next you have to get your LED and put the 2 LED lights and put them together then they will light up. That’s all i can say to all of you. By Callum. P.s. I want to do this again with Dom.

  10. I loved it when we made the circits i liked putting the LED’s on the wire and we got some battrie holders to put the battriesn in so the light can work also we like putting the led’s and the red one goes in the big one and the black one goes in the small one and it was magnificent and fantastic.

  11. To make the curcuit we had to use a LED and a battery holder and 2 battries and 2 wires. You have to put the batteris inside the battery holder and then you have to attach the two wires onto the green and black wires. Next you have to put the LED into the wires. Then just pick it up and then it will work!

  12. we got some wires,battiries then we connected it together but we got some led because the led is the light of our light at the end it worket.

  13. what a shiny light and we done that in class led was vevry fun i hope we done that a gane it was the best i got too light shinig the red and the green that was fun dom

  14. the light was faaaantastic it was cool it was shinging and i enojoyd it i like let when we was putting it on i did three and my frind ismail we both did it adition then i tried to do another one but time ran out

  15. dom that was good /fun when we made our eletrical ciciets was apsoiltley ,assive when we achley made them and we needed to have 2 leds and wires and one long peace on the red wire is long and the black wire is so short and we did loads abot it so we could understand it then we can choose loads of thinking to
    make them becase when i done 1 led i that i could do 2 leds so i tried so hard to do two leds and by the end i achley got 2 and ismail got triple leds on and it was a
    appsouloutley massive circle and it was as fun time with you when we made them and i think every
    petrson out of our class and the other class had so fun making the leds thigs and you let kaylan hold the battrey and you touched kaylans super nose and kaylan touched harpreets super nose and that was so magic and we could make that circets was a fun mornig but when you said we are going to make the eletric circets evreyone jumed up and said yes and it was feling diffrent when we first had you for topic on a morning and every one was like her how is it topic now its usiley on a afternoon and you are the best light and cicets ever who i ever seen in the world.

  16. In topic it was INCREDIBLE!!!!! because Dom
    came in and showed us our Rangoli
    patterns but this was cool,
    he put lights on our Rangoli
    patterns by the way
    the lights had a special
    The name was a L.E.D but
    we call the L.E.D led for short,
    We had the funnest day of our
    lifes we made a L.E.D circuit with
    lots of equipment
    to make our
    L.E.D circuit ( e.g. Crocodile wire, L.E.D
    and most of of all batteries because
    if you didn’t have batteries
    your L.E.D circuit
    wouldn’t even work.) This was the
    awesome part of
    the topic,
    Dom brought a wonderful camera
    in our class
    which can do any
    kind of mode.
    Dom put it on a grey and dark mode
    which glows when the L.E.D is on,
    but Dom got three children to make any

  17. When we done our amazing electric circuits we used 2 LED’s that have a bulb on it and it is in diffrent colours and I used red because that is my favourite couler and I like bright colours and we used battery holders to put the batteries in.

  18. When we done all about eletric circits we used LED’S for the lightbulb. We used wires for the battery holder.After we inserted the battries in the battrie holder.The LED’S have two pins on and you insert them into the wire and the light bulb comes on and thats how we did it.

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