Numeracy by Harris and Kaylan

In Numeracy we have been learning about digital time. It was fun because it was hard at first but it got easier. It was extremely hard to complete some challenges. I like Numeracy because sometimes it’s challenging and sometimes it’s easy.

 What do you think about Numeracy?   

By Harris

 In numeracy we had to partition a sum and explain how we partitioned it.  We learnt about time and we did challenges.   You had to write the time on the sheet with the little clocks on the sheet.   Underneath the clocks we had to write the analogue or digital time.

By Kaylan

 Editor: Jada an Aneesha

8 thoughts on “Numeracy by Harris and Kaylan

  1. Thankyou Harris and Kaylun for describing today. That fun, fantastic, brilliant work on spotty, Children in Need Day. I loved it especially dressing up in spots! 😛

  2. Digital time is quite easy and analouge is. O’clock and half past and quater to and quater past are the main ones. If you split a clock in half one side is a past side and one side is a to side.

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