Literacy by Harpreet and Aneesha

In Year 33 we wrote a letter to little mix to convince them to help children in need.  We explained what children in need are.  They asked questions about how they would feel if they needed help from children in need.  Some of the questions were how would you feel if you lived on the streets? How would you feel if you had no food and needed money? We told them facts about children who did not have food or drink.  We thought they could raise money for children in need.

What did you put in your writing?

13 thoughts on “Literacy by Harpreet and Aneesha

  1. When we got in to school today we wore spots and we dressed up. I liked Alaiah and Arjuns because Arjun had Pudsey bear ears and then we counted Pudsey’s spots. I had a nice day and we told lots of jokes. I loved Chevez’s jokes the most. I think we raised a lot of money.

  2. Today we dressed up with spots everywhere and on our face, because it was Children in Need. We told loads of funny jokes with our class! I hope we raised some money for the children. Well done to YearT hree!

  3. Today we had to dress-up in spots and donate money. 3K didn’t win but I am still happy for the other class who won. I would feel lnonley, misreble and freezing if I lived on the streets with no family, food or drinks. In my writing I put that Little Mix and everybody else need to help Children In Need.

  4. Thank you very much for all your comments. I also had
    a very good day today I hope we raised a lot of money
    for children in need.

  5. Well done Harpreet. This is a brilliant blog post furthermore I am really proud of you for checking on your post. Come and see me for a sticker!

    Mrs Daniels

  6. I’m so glad that you all enjoyed the day. Everybody looked fantastic in their spotty school uniforms.

    Even better, we raised lots of money for Children in Need!

    Well done Year Three! 🙂

  7. On Friday we had to dress in spotty things like Pudsey Bear and it was so fun but we didn’t know if Pudsey was in our school.

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