Science by Nathan and Vanita


Today in science we have been doing light power sources but not like tomato ketchup. We drawed the sources of light and labelled them. For example, a mobile phone or a computer screen can be light sources.

Can you think of any more light sources?

Our Bright Start by Danae

This morning at school we used tape measures to measure different parts of our bodies. I measured by head,  leg and waist. I worked with my friend Anouska.  Furthermore we measured other children. We even measured the teachers. It was delightful.

What did you measure?

Breaking news!

Listen to the most recent ‘Breaking News’ broadcast here. This broadcast was written, recorded and edited by children in the university course from a mix of year groups.

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Thunk of the Week

Oops! Last week I forgot to post a ‘Thunk’ due to being on Forest School training. So, to get us back into it……

Is there more happiness or sadness in the world?

Explain your answer with a justified reason.



Will you help me 3D?  I can’t remember what to write for these photographs.  Now that you are all blogging experts will you show me how to write an amazing blog?  Please help me…

Literacy by Sabah

In literacy we have been writing a formal and informal letters.  We got to write are own informal letters!  It was great, you could write to any friend or anyone from your family.  We also got to write to councillors in Writer’s Workshop.  My favourite activity from literacy is the starter.  Today we had to stick words on a circle.  Outside the circle we put the best words, the top of the circle was ok and the middle of the circle was boring.  Writing letters was challenging but was also exciting and fun.  My favourite day of literacy is Friday because there is writer’s workshop.  Do you like Writer’s Workshop?

Talk Homework by Tetiana

Talk Homework-This week we are preparing to become authors for our blog.  At home on Thursday we had to do our Talk Homework.  We went on the blog and looked for our favorite sentence, posh words, wow words and connectives and our favorite blog.

Favorite sentences

To find our favorite sentences we had to read out sentences and decide which sentences we liked.  In your favorite sentences there could have been wow words, connectives and other things you liked.

Posh words

To find posh words in the blog, you could have used a dictionary to help you. Another way to find posh words is look for long words and words you never heard of.  If you’re stuck on finding posh words ask someone in your family to help you with them.

Wow words and connectives

Wow words are words such as delicious, fantastic, amazing, and suspicious. They are describing words.  Connectives are words that join 2 or more parts of a sentence together.Examples of connectives are also, because, furthermore and while.  You can ask your family for more help.

Favorite blog

To find your favorite blog, look at lots of different blogs. Look at different pictures and writing to help you decide.

Did you like my very first post?

PE by Vanita


This week in PE we leant about symmetrical body shapes and gymnastics.  It was amazing!  We balanced on different parts of our body, like our hands and feet.  We got into groups and balanced on 22 or 8 parts of our bodies as a group.  It was nearly impossible!  In outdoor PE we have been playing forest school games like ‘1,2,3 where are you?’ and we have also been doing ‘View from my window’  from natural  materials.

What did you think of PE this week?  Which was your favourite shape and why?