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Writers Workshop Post 1

Recently, we have been working on letter writing to our favourite authors.  Firstly, we chose our favourite author. After that we conducted our research and found interesting ideas .Then we explored formal and informal letters .Yesterday we drafted our letters in writers workshop. Today we have been busy publishing our letters.  We are going to post them to our chosen authors so we are going to use franking machine to frank them ready for posting next week.

 I wrote to Jeff brown. He is the author of flat Stanley. I think his books are awesome! What do you think? – Yousuf

I wrote to Robert Muncsh he is the author of Paper Bag Princess I think his books are wicked!  Have you read the book? –Meharpal

Writers Workshop Post 2

Today in Literacy we were publishing our letters to our authors. We edited our writing and highlighted our targets. Then we had to get ten large envelopes. Later on we are going down to the office to frank them. Next week we will go with Miss Thomas to  post the letters.   They are going to be sent to the amazing authors. We have written to authors like Dav Pilkey, Jacqueline Wilson, Jeff Kinney, Giles Andreae and Jeff Brown just to name a few.  

  Who is your favourite author? Why are they your favourite author?

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  1. I posted your letter yesterday. I took it to the Post Office because it needed a special international stamp to get to Canada.

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