Ukulele Rocks by Chetan and Meharpal

Firstly, we always do are warm up. We have to play four of each chord to warm up. This helps Mr Sheppard recognise any out of tune Ukuleles.  After that we played and sang Kookaburra. It was difficult in places because we have to mute in the correct place.  If we didn’t mute in the correct place we had to start again. Luckily, we only had to do this twice. 

 In recent weeks we have been learning about Blues music. I really like blues music because I like the fact that the lyrics are about hope and optimism.   Yesterday we started to write our own song about our topic.  The lyrics are about what we can see from our window.  3S have written a song too. 

Next week we are going to learn all our words and chords so we can perform our song.  Hopefully, Miss Thomas will kindly record it so you can listen to our performance.  I am extremely excited about performing our song and sharing our song with our blogging community.

Use this website to find out more about Blue Music on the Ukulele:

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