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In Science today we watched a video clip about light sources at night. Miss Thomas told us that we needed to make a mental note of all the light sources we could spot in the film.  I think I could add extra light sources to my list from yesterday. Many of us thought the Moon was a light source.  Miss Thomas has asked us to research if this is true.  Can you find out if the moon is a light source? 

 After that we investigated how light travels. We discovered that light travels in straight lines. We know this because Miss Thomas let us experiment with the torches. After that we watched a 30 second clip about light travelling in straight lines.

Next we learnt 3 new word’s Transparent, Translucent and Opaque. Transparent materials let light pass through them in straight lines, so that you can see clearly through them. An example of a transparent material is glass. Translucent materials let some light through, but they scatter the light in all directions, so that you cannot see clearly through them. We discovered that some light can go through a blue plastic chair. This means that the chair is translucent. Opaque materials do not let any light pass through them. Our bookcase was opaque because it allowed no light to pass  through. The book-case is made of wood.  

We shared all our findings. Can you tell us some transparent, translucent and opaque materials?

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  1. If you want to be really scientific then there are some data loggers in school that can measure light and sound levels (also temperature). You could use these to measure how much light a material will let pass through it. I am really enjoying hearing about your science work Year 3. Miss Martindale.

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