Get Talking, Get Learning

Week Commencing 17.10.2011

Literacy – Next week we are on our final week for writing instructions.  Can you remember how to write the best instructions? Can you write your own wish list? Can you read a book with instructions in? Can you follow instructions this weekend?

Phonics– Phonics library time! Get out your phonics book and pick a different book to read everyday.  Can you still read all the red and green words?

 Your blue reading journals need to be in school everyday.  We would like to listen to you read and write in them too.  Remember you should read everyday but get someone to listen to you and write in your book three times a week.

Numeracy – Money! Money! Money!  What do you know? Where do we use it? How do we use it? What is it? Can you make us a money poster?

Next week we are going to open a toy shop.  This weekend can you find prices and pictures of some toys?  What coins would you use to buy them?

In Rainbow Fabric we are looking at learning about fabrics made in Scotland. Do you know if Scotland has any special fabrics? Where is Scotland?

If you have any old clothes ‘T’ shirts, jumpers or trousers we would love to have them to be creative in Year 3.  We will be cutting them up so make sure they are old! 

Please make sure you have a school bag in school everyday. In the bag should be your spelling log, blue reading diary, reading book and any homework you want to share with us.

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