Get Spelling! by Justin, Nathan and Zeba


Pictures by Nathan and Zeba

This is an informative guide to Get Spelling!

 We commence Get Spelling on Tuesdays , Wednesdays and Thursdays before lunch for  20 minutes in the Oasis Room.  Miss Thomas is my spelling teacher and she is a fantastic teacher!

We do 8 different Get Spelling activities in one unit. Firstly we do information check. Information check is we learn the focus sound for the unit. At the moment we are learning ‘ow’, o-e, ‘oa’ and ‘o’. We look at red words and homophones. An example of a homophones we have learnt this week is rode and road.

Then we do Dot, Dash, Count. This is when we dot the grapheme written with one sound, we dash the graphemes with two or three letters and we  total the number of sounds.

After that we do Write the Root Word. We have to find the root word or add the suffix.

The next activity is Word Fill. In Word Fill we are given a sentence to complete with the correct spelling or homophone.  I like this activity because it is fun!

We work with our partners to complete circle the right one.  We have to circle the correct spelling and then we check with our partner.

We play an excellent game called Four in a row.  Our partner chooses us a challenge word to spell then we spell it in our book. I don’t this game because my partner always beats me but my partner is amazing to work with!

In Dictation we work will our partners to complete the task.  My partner reads the sentence and I jot the sentences down.

Lastly, we do our Spelling Logs.  We chose 5 words which we have found most challenging from the unit and we jot them into our Spelling Log Book and we find strategies to help us spell the challenging words.

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