Coming Alive!

Over the weekend seven of the eggs hatched and we now have 7 chickens.  What  shall we call them? We still have 5 eggs in the incubator and we are waiting for them to hatch too.

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We made sketches of the chickens using different pencils.

Do you think they look like the real thing?

Dave Heeley- An inspiration to us all!

Next week we will be having different guest speakers into school. On Monday a man called Dave Heeley will be leading us in  a special assembly. Dave Heeley  is commonly known in the Black Country as ‘Blind Dave’ . He has achieved some remarkable things like 7 marathons in 7 days. He is only the thrid person in the world to achieve this and the first blind person.  He is simply inspirational!  You can often see him pounding   the pavements of the Black Country with his running partner Malcolm Carr. His key belief is you can achieve any goal  or target you want if you set your mind to it. Watch this clip to give you  some background information about him and his wonderful achievements.


Special Visitor in 3D

This afternoon we met Miss Martindale’s pet tortoise called George. What kind of habitat does George live in? What kind of food does he eat? Would you like him as a pet?  


Read for Bearwood!

Today we visited Thimblemill Library.  Julie (the librarian) informed us about the ‘Space Hop’ reading scheme.  The library is challenging you to read six books over the summer holidays. You need to attend the library 3 times during the holidays and collect two books per visit.  When you sign up you receive a joining card. On the occasions when you attend the library you will fill in your chart and receive prizes such as wrist bands, bookmarks and pencils when you have finished reading each book. Once your chart is complete you will receive a certificate and medal. Remember you are doing this for you and Bearwood School so please sign up in a few weeks time! Well done to all the children that participated last year.  Bearwood finished second to Uplands. Let’s go one better this year!

We also spent time selecting independent readers and books to aid our literacy work on habitats.

Get Talking, Get Learning

Literacy –  Next week is the final week to work on our habitats. It’s time to plan, write out and publish our mini books.  Are you ready? Have you got all your amazing facts? Talk to someone about your habitat and what you have done so far.  Do you know what an information text is?

Phonics- Keep reading your books. Do you know all your red and green words? Can you read and write the speed words?

Remember to keep reading everyday.  10 minutes everyday will help your reading and writing.

Numeracy – Great work on being MENTAL!  We have been crazy for maths all week.  This weekend practise adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing in your heads to keep up all the new strategies you have learnt this week. 44+ 37     45 – 31   7 x 6    12 x 3   36 ÷ 4   24 ÷ 8

Next week we will be doing lots of mental maths challenges.  Make sure you are ready!

Next week is ‘Opening up a World of Possibilities’ week.  You will have the opportunity to try out lots of jobs.  You could be being a doctor, mechanic, environmentalist, beautician, judge, chef and many more. It will be a fun packed and inspiring  week ending with the Opening Day at Calthorpe Haven.  We would love to see you all there.

Learning to Fly

At present we have four out of our five butterflies hatched.  Hopefully, the fifth one will hatch over the weekend. The type of butterfly we have is a painted lady. This clip demonstrates the butterfly inflating its wings to aid its flying .   It is also trying to get rid of the excess dye  (it looks like blood) on their wings.



One of chrysalis moved onto the next stage of their life cycle and became a butterfly.  Hopefully he will be joined by more butterflies soon!

Once all the butterflies have hatched we will be releasing them over at Calthorpe Haven.

Invite to Calthorpe Haven


Year 3 would like to invite their family, friends and people of the Bearwood community to Calthorpe Haven on Friday 2nd July 2010 from 10am untill 4pm. Please come along if you are free!

Jeremy Strong and J K Rowling

Today we received letters from Jeremy Strong and J K Rowling. Both authors expressed their joy at receiving your  letters. Well done to all the children who have received  a response to their letters.   They must have been excellent! You can read them in person by having a look at our wonderwall display.  I hope other authors respond too!

 To find out more  about Jeremy strong use this website:

To  find out more about J K Rowling use this website:

Calthorpe Haven

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The caterpillars have turned into chrysalis and need a  new  habitat for the next stage of their life cycle. In groups children selected appropriate plants to go into the butterfly garden.  We chose the best habitat to go into the butterfly garden.

Can you explain what a butterfly needs in its habitat and why?