Debating – Does Cinderella deserve to go to the ball?

Children had been debating if Cinderella deserves to go the ball. Children have taken on the role of a character from the fairytale and argues that point of view. The presenter acted as chair people.   We concluded our debate by using the agree, disagree, strongly agree, and strongly disagree  cards. All the videos are filmed by children.



Whats you opinion on Cinderella going to the ball?

4 thoughts on “Debating – Does Cinderella deserve to go to the ball?

  1. wow what fantastic little clips you have all done at debating; I think you have tried really6 hard to make them and have made lots of effort for them.

  2. I think debating was fun and i strongly agree that cinderella should go to the ball and marry the rich prince.Debating was really fun because firstly we acted it out and then we filmed it.

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