Blind Dave comes to Bearwood



Sorry about the quality of the video in places.

To find out more about Blind Dave go to:

11 thoughts on “Blind Dave comes to Bearwood

  1. Blind Dave was fantastic.I am glad he came.I learnt so much!It is amazing what blind people can do!I can’t belive he ran not 1,not 2 but 7 marathons in 7 days!Blind Dave said you can be anything when you grow up.I’m going to be a Docter!

  2. Blind Dave was amazing. He has inspired me to start running again. Even though it is hard at first I know it is worth the effort. Has he inspired you to do anything?

    • Dave Heeley has inspired me to never give up and to always have a very good try
      so, I want to say thank you to Dave for inspiring me!

  3. This is my letter of thanks to Dave Heeley.

    Dear Dave Heeley,

    I am writing to say thank you for coming in and talking to us, about your life. My name is Jai.I am proud of getting in a football team.How did you feel when you did the seven marathons in the seven contenents?

    Getting into a football team was very hard work for example,you ran the seven marathons and it was very hard indeed.I am trying to complete a 3a in writing.What are you trying to achieve?Also I forgot to say I am eight years old.

    I have many achievments but yours and Malcolms are amazingly better.I really want to say thank you for telling us all about yourself and giving up your time to come into our school to speak to us.

    Best Wishes:

  4. Dear Dave Heeley,

    I am writing to say thank you for coming in and seeing us . I think your achevements are phonmenal because you were the first blind person to achieve this amazing challenge . I have acheved the sport rellefe mile and 3 medals in running I like running because it keeps me healthy and fit . Why do you like running?

    Currently, I am to learning to do a heley on my bike. Just so you know a healy is one wheel on my bike. What do you want to achieve next?

    I am really proud that you could from our local area.

    Best Wishes,

  5. Dear, Dave Heeley

    I am writing to you because I would tell you my achievment is being good at school.You came to bearwood primary school.I think your achievments are amazing because I think no one can achive that.My name is Awais and I am 7 years old and I am going to be 8 in August. What are you working towards?
    How did you manage to get around the world?
    Best Wishes, Awais

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