Time Travel Quiz

Today we used the Socrative app to do a quiz about what we’d learned this half term. We also had facts around us which we could use to help us when we read them carefully. It was challenging but great fun!

We are all special!

Today we had a visit from Corrina Burge who came to show us how we can help each other be better listeners and help anyone who has hearing aids. We learnt how important hearing aids are for some people, about the different parts of a hearing aid and what a radio aid is. She told us a story called ‘Daisy & Ted’s Awesome Adventures’ about when Ted meets a girl called Daisy who has just moved in next door and when he tries to speak to her, she seems to be ignoring him… but then he finds out that she is deaf and has a hearing aid. They go on an adventure and he learns how he can be more helpful by following some simple rules which we are all going to try to follow:

Think about sensible talking voices – try to think about your volume 

Look straight at someone when you are talking to them or listening 

Make sure the person can watch your lips

Talk normally and never shout at someone 

Don’t talk with your mouth full or mumble

Make sure you don’t all talk at the same time so it’s clear to hear the person speaking 

We all talked about how we are  all special in different ways and sang a song called ‘Good to be me’ with sign language. Here’s a link:


World Book Day 

We had a fantastic day in Year 2 with the book ‘Winnie and Wilbur – The Dinosaur Day’  by Valerie Thomas and a favourite illustrator of ours, Korky Paul. It’s about Winnie and Wilbur travelling back in time to help win a Museum art competition! Can you retell the story? What would you change? Here’s the webpage for Winnie and Wilbur:

We met the author Bea Jay Evans who has a character called Mia she writes about and she told us a lovely story. The character even has her own website!

We had great fun dressing up for the day… Take a look at some pictures…

London’s Burning!

We went to Calthorpe Haven this week to see how quickly our model of London would burn down in… It took just over 6 minutes! 

What did you see, hear, smell and feel….?

How did we have to stay safe..?

How long did the Great Fire last for..?


Can you sing ‘London’s Burning’

Use these lyrics (song words) to help you:

 ‘London’s Burning’
London’s Burning, London’s Burning.

Fetch the engine, fetch the engine.

Fire! Fire!

Fire! Fire!

Pour on water, pour on water.


Build London! New London!

Brick houses. Stone tiling.

Wide streets! Tall churches!

And Saint Paul’s will have a dome on!