Fire! Fire! Find out about Samuel Pepys

We have been finding out about an important man from the past called Samuel Pepys. 

He helped us with facts about the Great Fire of London by doing something very important… Can you remember what that was..?

Find information and facts about Samuel Pepys by clicking on this link:
Watch the Magic Grandad clip about Samuel Pepys:

This is a link to a game about the Great Fire of London:

Flutter by butterflies…

We had a lovely time at Calthorpe Haven releasing the Painted Lady butterflies that hatched yesterday.  We released them one by one and the first two were very keen to flutter off into the distance. We decided they wanted some sweet nectar and wanted to explore their new home for it. The final couple of butterflies were a little timid so Miss Samra had to encourage them to be brave! She placed them on some flowers we chose and we decided they might be sunbathing because they were cold blooded and didn’t have enough energy to fly away yet. Maybe the butterflies will lay some eggs… Where would be the best place for them to do this and why..?

Very Hungry caterpillars!

Caterpillar watch…We have got Painted Lady Butterfly larvae in our classroom! We have been closely watching our caterpillars grow and change. We got them on Friday 28th April and have been watching them munching away and getting bigger and bigger. We thought about how long they were using centimetres. Take a look at the pictures and you may notice:

The pot is covered with silk webs so that the caterpillars move around easier. 

The black balls which are lots of different sizes is the skin they have shed (got rid of) as they have been growing. 

The tiny greenish brown pellets are caterpillar poo called frass.

See what else you can spot…

Creating a Bug Hotel

This week we had a fantastic opportunity to work with Stephen Whitehead. We had to think about mini beasts and what they need in their habitats. Where would different bugs choose to rest? We pretended to be different kinds of insects or mini-beasts and thought about their body shapes especially when they were resting. This helped us to think about how much room they needed. We then used different materials such as wooden or bamboo sticks to create our special spaces for them and put them into the large Bug Hotel! Take a look at the pictures!