We all had a roastingly great day at Weston-Super-Mare yesterday making sandcastles on the beach, riding donkeys, visiting the Grand Pier to see if we could spot the ocean and cooling off with ice cream. Here are a few photographs from our fantastic day at the seaside. Thank you for all your help and support making it an enjoyable day for everyone. 

News Flash!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/30759741]

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/30759019]

Today we created and recorded a new broadcast in small groups telling others about the ‘houses burning down on Pudding Lane.’

To help us we watched the news on http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/. This gave us some  top tips on how  to be great journalists.

We had two news presenters who asked ‘SUPER’ questions which started with: How? Why? and What?   We had two eye witnesses who were faced with real life scenarios.  The broadcasts were filmed and edited by specially trained cameramen.

Year 2 Science

[slideshow]Children made boats out of: paper,play dough,card,foil and wood to answer the hot question ” How many men can the boat save before it sinks?” Children recorded their findings on a planning board and checked these against their predictions.

Year 2 constructing 3D models of 17th century houses

[slideshow]It was great to be builders, to construct house models that we designed with our talk trios last week.The powers that we have used are: planning, sharing and persistence.We also used time connectives that we added to our working wall.
We had a job list:
1: Construct and join material to make large net (top of house).
2:Cut out net for the bottom part of the house and then join.
3:Cut and attach card to construct a roof.
See if you can make one at home by using the powers that we have used today. HAVE FUN!