2S Forest School – Week 2

This week we had a fantastic time playing Team building games at Calthorpe Haven. We started off with a game called Mingle where we had to mingle amongst each other, then when the teacher called out something like, “BLUE!”, we had to team up with someone wearing blue.

Next we played a game where we were in teams of around 10 and we had to stand on a small square of tarpaulin and hold on to each other. Then we had to fold over the tarpaulin in half, then try and fit on. We had to keep folding the tarpaulin in half and keep trying to fit on or touching the tarpaulin. It was really tricky but so much fun!!! It helped if we were looking after each other, helping each other, and being patient.

Finally, we played a game where we had to hold on to each other’s hands and pass a hoop, which sounds easy but we couldn’t break the circle and tried not to have to start again! We had to solve how to get the hoop along and we encouraged each other in kind ways.

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