Sinbad Adventure Story

Read this marvelous story by Maya:

Long, long ago there lived a handsome, courageous sailor named Sinbad who was both a captain and prince.

One fresh spring day, Sinbad and his crew reached a hot, sweltering desert to search for the secret treasure from his wildest dreams. While Sinbad studied the map, his crew went to find something delicious to fill their bellies to their hearts delight. However, they fell into a deep hole in the ground. When they landed on the bottom they found a large golden egg. Suddenly the egg seemed to crack. As Sinbad’s crew watched, something strange was hatching out of it. It was a baby dragon! How amazing that was! Sinbad’s crew got out their weapons to kill the baby but the baby’s mother awoke. She breathed out hot, flaming fire to protect her baby. Sinbad heard his crew panicking. In the blink of an eye, he rushed to help his frightened shipmates with his sharp, pointy spear and his long, shiny sword. As soon as he got there he swiped the spear at the huge and hungry dragon who breathed fire. Sinbad dodged the flames then he and his crew escaped.

Early the next morning they set off hoping nothing would cross their path. All of a sudden a large shadow appeared looming over them. It was a dragon! The dragon breathed out it’s fire angrily at Sinbad. However Sinbad was prepared for it because he had a magical cloak to protect him from getting burnt. He got closer to the dragon and poked the dragons eye with a sharp pointy spear and the dragon backed away and hit the wall confused and in agony. As it moved out of the way Sinbad and the crew spotted something shining out the corner of their eyes. It was a treasure! How lucky that was! “GET IT QUICKLY!” he shouted to his crew. The crew took all that they could carry back to their ship. They sailed away from the dragon and cheered. They all had a feast to celebrate.

Where would they end up next?

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