Professor McGinty – The Time Travelling Detective

Year 2 were time travelling with a special visitor on Monday 12th November… The energetic and hilarious Professor McGinty helped us travel back to Victorian times and learn what it must have been like for children at that time. We had such a fantastically fun time learning!

Find out more from his webpage: (Latest version of Flash Player required)

Professor McGinty’s webpage

Look at this link to his artefacts (objects from the past) page and find out about the Victorians:

Victorian artefacts

Take a look at the pictures and see if you can spot some artefacts from the past…

What were they called and what were they used for..? (Click on the link above if you need to refresh your memory!)

London’s Burning!

2S went to Calthorpe Haven this afternoon to see how quickly some of our models of London would burn down in… It took just less than 4 minutes!

What did you see, hear, smell and feel….? How did we have to stay safe..?

Why did the real houses in London burn down so quickly..?

We sang as we watched…

Can you sing ‘London’s Burning’

Use these lyrics (song words) to help you:

‘London’s Burning’

London’s Burning, London’s Burning.

Fetch the engine, fetch the engine.

Fire! Fire!

Fire! Fire!

Pour on water, pour on water.

Build London! New London!

Brick houses. Stone tiling.

Wide streets! Tall churches!

And Saint Paul’s will have a dome on!

This weblink has the music on it:

London’s Burning backing music

Thank you to the six children who volunteered their model Tudor houses for our reenactment. It was so exciting to watch them burn to ashes and smoldering cinders!