Come Dine with Me

We started off our topic visiting the Bearwood Chapel Community Café to find out how from Eugene how we make and serve food in the best way. We’ve enjoyed finding out about healthy eating and exercise too. We have finished our topic by preparing our own food and enjoying it at our end of topic party! Yummy!Here’s the dairy and egg free recipe for the delicious cupcakes we made:

Road Safety – Staying safe when you’re out and about

This week we have talked about how it is getting darker earlier and about staying safe near roads. We have a Pelican Crossing by school. Remember to press the button, WAIT (look across the road to spot the Red Man standing still). It’s safe to cross when you hear the beeping sound and look across for the Green Man walking. Make sure that cars stop before you cross! Also, hold your adult’s hand! Always Stop, Look, Listen and Think. Don’t forget to ‘Be Bright & Be Seen’ in the dark.Watch the hedgehogs road safety advice:

London’s Burning!

Can you sing ‘London’s Burning’

Use these lyrics (song words) to help you:

 ‘London’s Burning’

London’s Burning, London’s Burning.

Fetch the engine, fetch the engine.

Fire! Fire!

Fire! Fire!

Pour on water, pour on water.

Build London! New London!

Brick houses. Stone tiling.

Wide streets! Tall churches!

And Saint Paul’s will have a dome on!
This weblink has the music on it: