2S Come dine with me

2S have been working hard this week in preparation for their ‘Come dine with me’ tea party.  As part of their topic this half term Year 2 have been learning all about Italy; facts about the country, traditional food and where it is located on a map.

2S have made delicious pizzas, following a recipe they have written themselves, cakes decorated in the Italian colours and bread sticks with a selection of four dips!

Tuesday 15th December: making the pizzas, cakes and dips.


Wednesday 16th December: Come dine with me tea party with the parents from 2S.


Traditional Tales – Talk for writing

This half term Year 2 has been learning about traditional tales with a food element that link in with the topic ‘Come dine with me’. Today Year 2 created their own story maps based on the traditional tale Hansel and Gretel. 

Take a look at the video below to see two children performing their story map in chronological order using time adverbials. 

2S Come Dine with me

2S had a fantastic time tasting foods from all parts of the world as part of their topic ‘Come Dine with Me’. They tried black olives, feta cheese, mango, naan bread, pizza, kidney beans, golden syrup, marmite, banana and many more. 

“We tasted food from North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australasia and found them on a map.”

“I liked the food from India, China, Jamaica and Italy because that’s the countries we’ve been learning about.”  

2S P.E

Well done to 2S who have been working extremely hard in both indoor and outdoor P.E this half term. They are learning new skills in dance and net and wall games. 

Keep up the hard work 2S, we might see you in the Olympics soon! 


2S Opening up a world of opportunities week

Stay tuned to see this blog post updated daily throughout the week!

Monday 19th September 2015

2S have been learning all about people who help us this week. During their first lesson on Monday 2S learnt about the Police and how they help and protect the people of Sandwell. They also learnt about what they wear, equipment they use, animals who work for the Police and even a range of vehicles. 2S made wanted posters and 3D police cars.

“I want to be a police officer when I grow up so I can help people.”


The second activity 2S took part in involved them visiting 2G. There they made mosaic patterns in style of different artists. 

Can you see your mosaic pattern 2S? 


Tuesday 20th September 2015

Today 2S went to 1N to research objects from around the world. Here they made origami birds, Irish book marks, Islamic prayer mats and created pictures of a Mosque.

Take a look at the pictures below. 


Wednesday 21st October 2015

This morning 2S had some very special visitors to the school – the Sandwell Fire Service. The firemen spoke to the children about their job role, equipment they use, who they help and even got some of the teachers dressed up! 


The second activity 2S took part in today involved all children visiting 1M to learn all about structural engineering and create their own structures.

Finally 2S visited 3P to create pop up cards. Can you see your card? 


2S Scavenger Hunt

What a brilliant way to end a week of learning. 2S went to forest school yesterday to take part in a scavenger hunt where all children were set a challenge to collect a number of natural objects. 

2S competed the hunt in record breaking time!