The Great Fire of London museum

Year 2 showed all their hard work yesterday in their Great Fire of London museum. There were lots of fantastic sketches, brilliant reports, fabulous houses, beautiful pastel pictures and amazing ICT pictures. The children really enjoyed using their History skills to research about the fire and then they were able to share the information with everyone who came. After showing their work, the children went to the classroom to show everyone the skills they used to create their work. Everyone enjoyed painting, sketching, making houses and using the pastels. It was lovely to see so many people. Thank you to everyone who came.
What was your favourite part of the museum and why?


Fire pictures

Today we used Paint on the computer to create fire pictures. We experimented and used different brushes to create different effects.
Why not have a go at making your own at home?
Here are a few examples of our work.



Aston Hall

Today Year 2 visited Aston Hall to find out more about The Great Fire Of London. We were able to dress up in costumes and we saw lots of artefacts including a leather bucket and a fire hook. The fire hook was huge and very heavy. We explored the kitchen and learnt how to make a fire using a tinder box, flint and steel.
Also, we were able to complete some creative activities. We made a treasure box and pretended to be Samuel Pepys burying our important things. Following that we tried to write using a quill pen and ink. It was much harder than using our pencils!
We all had a fantastic day and learnt lots of new facts!


2N Forest School

Today 2N came over to Calthorpe Haven as a whole class to complete some topic work. Their activity was to use a key to plot some map symbols on a map of the forest. They needed to use their persistence power and their relationship power to work in a small group and find the different areas of the forest. Well done 2N!


2B Forest School

This afternoon it was 2B’s turn to visit Calthorpe Haven and plot some symbols on a map of the forest using a key. We had a fantastic afternoon and the map is now complete ready for Sunny the meerkat to visit and find his way around.



Year 2 have been exploring floating and sinking over the past few weeks. This week the children were able to test their ideas using a range of objects.
Challenge 1 – how do you make an orange sink?
Challenge 2 – how can you use salt to make an egg float?
Challenge 3 – which objects will sink and which objects will float? Why?
Challenge 4 – can you make play dough float?

“We all had a turn at each activity. I liked trying to make the orange sink and I was shocked when Miss Brown revealed the answer!”

“I loved trying to make my egg float and it worked. It was lots of fun making different shapes using playdough.”


Sports day….ready, steady, GO!

Year 2 had great fun during their sports day last Wednesday, especially as the sun was shining! Everyone was split into teams…we had Sharks, Dolphins, Jellyfish, Starfish, Stingrays and even the Octopus team.

Everyone joined in with a carousel of activities and kept their own team score sheet so we were all active for every minute of sports day.

After some VERY high scores, the 2014 Year 2 champions were ……..The Stingrays but well done to everyone who took part!



On Friday 6th June, Year 2 went to Weston-Super-Mare for the day.
We gathered in the school hall and everyone was so excited! We got on the coach and children started to sing and talk about what they were going to do at the beach. As we got closer we looked out for signs to tell us where to go. The sun was shining and it was lovely and warm.
When we got off the coach we headed to the beach to find a good spot. We spent ages building enormous sandcastles! Soon it was time for lunch. We all had lots of sandwiches and treats but we had to guard our food from all the seagulls.
After lunch we had a turn on the donkeys. They were lots of fun! We went on the pier and we went all the way to the end. When we looked down we could see all the water underneath…it was a little scary!
Finally we went for a tasty ice-cream to cool down. It was soon time to head back to the coach to come home. We all had such a lovely and busy time that some of us fell asleep on the coach. It was a BRILLIANT day!

What was your favourite part of the day?