FUDGE day in Year2

Last Friday we had FUDGE day in key stage 1. We welcomed fathers, uncles, dads, grandads and everyone into school for the morning. We based our work on the book Farther by Grahame Baker-Smith, we had the challenge to make something that flies with our very own father on! Here are a few photos of our morning!

Our senses!

This afternoon year 2 learnt about their senses! We have five senses and each sense has a body part to help it work!

1. Sight (eyes)

2. Hearing (ears)

3. Touch (skin/hands)

4. Smell (nose)

5. Taste (tongue)


Isaac said:

“My favourite part of our afternon was using my sense of taste, the food was very tasty and I guessed most of them right!”

Inside Out Museum

Year 2 have started their exciting new topic called Inside Out. We had a class museum so we could use our curiosity power to find out what the topic was about.  We explored lots of different books and objects and after some detective work found out our topic was about our body.

What would you like to find out?

Can you write some questions for us to find out the answers in class.