Goal Scorers

Elizabeth completed the given story start then continued the story independently

The silly shopping trip

One day I went for a ride in my banana. I took my pet shoe so we could go shopping to buy some snails. Suddenly on the way to the shops I slipped on a snake and banged my head on a chair . When I woke up……..

I was in ham land, everything was made of ham! Then I walked up to the nearest tree because I wanted a nibble. The sky was made out of ham and the ground was made out of ham, I was confused……I went into one of the houses then I was turning into ham and everybody else was turning into ham! I did not know why, so quick as a flash I ran out of the house plus I went in a boat. I was rowing and rowing and rowing when suddenly it was silent. I was alone in the spooky, dark night. I was really petrified and confused. I did not know what was happening, when people cried they turned into ham! Then I went into one of the houses and I turned on the computer and typed the password. At last I went into the normal world.        


By Elizabeth Y2

3 thoughts on “Goal Scorers

  1. Wow it took really long to write that piece of writing I was amazed when, Miss Steventon said that I was goal scorer of the week.

  2. I was absolutely amazed even when, I have a happy note now I am so pleased that I, always think of that perfect day.

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