Get Talking Get Learning Homework


The groups are working very hard and the children are progressing well. Please ensure that you are reading with your children at home and working on their phonics sheet with them.


This week we have created explanations for our inventions- watch out we might be the next Wallace and Grommit! Next week we will be moving onto a new unit- we will be looking at poetry. We have some very exciting news which will be revealed on Monday.

Literacy Homework (For literacy children only)

What is poetry? What poems do you know? Do you have a favourite poet? Write down your favourite poem so we can share on Monday, if you donโ€™t know any poems have a go at writing your own about something at home.



Next week we will be warming out brains up finding out the missing symbols. We will be looking at all four symbols and trying to work out which one it could be. We will then be moving onto 2D and 3D shapes- How many shapes can you name? What are their properties?

Numeracy Homework

Write and draw 8 different shapes that you see around your house or around the park.

ย Topic

We are well under way with our new topic โ€˜Come Dine With Meโ€™. Next week we will be looking at food that restaurants serve and we will be making our own restaurant! You will need all of your creativity power next week!

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