Carousel of activities about ants

[slideshow]Children were participating in different activities to see if they can persuade themselves to change their opinions on whether or not ants were useful insects.

They created a sand ant hill habitat.
They were finding interesting facts on large paper to add to working wall.
They made plastercine ants and discussed the features.

6 thoughts on “Carousel of activities about ants

  1. i cant wait until i am in year 3 and i loved to have plan,do,reiwew in ks1 because i loved it and everything in ks1 was extensional and i just loved doing lots of things in year two.

  2. when i done all about ants it was fun making the ants with clay and we just made it like normal ants that be on the ground and i loved doing the and problem in year two and it was so fun doing this magnificent ant problem with miss Steventon and it was sad to see when we saw Mr white leave and every one in my class missed him.

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