Animal Discovery – Pupae – Day 15

The Painted Lady Butterfly larvae (caterpillars) pupated at the weekend… They will transform over the next few days. Three of them didn’t manage to hang themselves up properly but we hope they will still hatch healthily. Take a look at shape and colour of them… What do you notice..? Watch the clip using the link below to remind yourself of the cycle so far and how they will change.

These are 2Ms caterpillars ready to pupate. They are making a ‘j’ shape with their bodies.

Click on the link for a short clip that shows their whole life cycle:

Painted Lady Butterfly life cycle

Animal Discovery – Caterpillars – Day 12

Wow! Look at the size (length and thickness) of the caterpillars at the end of this week!!! Theyโ€™re about 5 centimetres long now – How quickly they have grown!!! There is so much caterpillar poo called โ€˜frassโ€™ in the pot now (the small and larger dark green balls) and lots of rolled up old skin that they have shedded (the small black spiky balls). We think that they will be pupating very soon….Take a look at the photo:

2S – Forest School – Final Week

This week we had a lovely campfire to end the half term. We had to remember to sit still and also keep our feet still. We thought about the fact that there are 3 things a fire needs to keep burning:

Fuel – wood

Air – oxygen

Heat – spark from a flint

Some children noticed that the air by the fire wobbling… that is because the heat was making the oxygen move around quickly!

We enjoyed hot chocolate and toast around the campfire… Yummy ๐Ÿ˜‹

Thank you to Mrs Sodhi for a wonderful half term’s worth of fun in the forest and also to Mrs Meally and Mrs Sibley too.

Take a look at the photos…