1S – The three little pigs

Safa – “I liked the part when the wolf blew down the house of sticks.”

Kadija – “My favourite character was the third pig because he built a house of bricks.”

Hawa – “I enjoyed the happy ending to the story.”

Joshua – “It was funny when the wolf fell in the pot of boiling water.”

Thank you

All the year 1 staff would like to say a massive thank you to all parents that helped make Elmers. ¬†All the children had fun making them… I’m sure the adults did to.

1S Elmer Day

Tomorrow the parents from 1S are invited to an Elmer workshop at 9am – 9.45.

Children are welcome to come to school wearing bright colours. 

We then have a fun filled day for you all! 

1S food tasting

Today we tasted vegetables from around the world to decide what vegetables we wanted in our vegetable soup. 

‘The red onion is spicy’ Inaya 

‘I love sweet potato’ Ihsan 

‘I want tomato in my soup’ Rayhaan