1P Inspire 24-11-11

Today lots of parents came to school to learn how to get on different computer programmes at home. Both the parents and the children enjoyed playing games on Purple Mash and improving their numeracy skills on Mathletics. Also, we had a look at our photos on the school Blog.

Topic/science in 1N – Lets Party – 23.11.11

Today in topic we have been exploring and experimenting with balloons to make a balloon model. Some of the children were making model balloons (swords/dogs/cats). Other children were exploring and playing with inflated balloons. Another group of children were inflating balloons with pumps and another group were making paper chain decorations. Please take a look at our pictures.

Let’s Party – 1N – 16.11.11

We had a great time in 1N continuing with our ‘Let’s Party Topic’. The children had an opportunity in topic to make decorations such as paper chains, buntins and hanging spiral decorations. They also had the opportunity to make party hats. Everyone had a good time please take a look at our pictures.

1P’s visitors

We have got 3 Giant African land snails in our classroom. Everyday we take them out of their tank for a little slide around.

They enjoy eating lots of cucumber and pears. Maybe next week we will give them apples!

Sciene in 1N – Exploring Different Sounds – 14.11.11

Today 1N have been working over Calthorpe Haven exploring different sounds. Some children went on a sound walk using clipboards to draw what they could hear and discuss whether it was a quiet or loud noise. Another group were exploring sounds we can make using the natural materials in Calthorpe Haven. The last group were using instruments to make a noise. The children were working in small groups to experiment with hearing sounds using instruments and their voices. Please take a look at our pictures.

Numeracy – 1N – 07.11.11

This week in numeracy all children will be making biscuits to give them the opportunity to practise using weighing scales for a real life purpose. Please take a look at one of our groups who have been making biscuits today.