Notes from 16/11 meeting


Everyone except




At this meeting we decided:

1. The role of school councillor

2. The Y6 team took up their roles of responsibility.

Ameera- Chair Person

Abdulaziz- Vice Chair Person

India- secretary

Oliver N- Treasurer

3. Discussed what we would talk about to our classes about during a class council meeting.

– School events we could organise.

– Survey Feedback. Things we did like and things we didn’t. How  we could improve our school.



Student Council 9/1/15

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Some excellent 3P suggestions for interhouse competitions:

Handwriting, swimming, athletics, sport, listening, staring, cleaning, skipping, hide and seek, dancing, singing, quizzes, juggling, reading, poetry, who healthiest food, hopping, times tables, beat boxing and word searches.

Thank you for those 3P.

Healthy Eating suggestions from 6D:

To start selling fruit again and deveop and start Healthy Eating Passports.

Interhouse competitions ideas:

General knowledge competition, cookery, history, sport, music, art, design and music.

Suggestions for AR prizes:

pencils, pens, rubbers, smiley things and bouncy balls.

School council are very keen to start some interhouse competitions.

Meeting closed 2:50 p.m.





A letter to parents by Dylan 6DD

Dear Parents,

My name is Dylan and I am a pupil in year 6. I have decided to write this letter to you because I am concerned about the food going into your children’s lunchboxes, like chocolate, crisps and sweets. If you could please put healthy food like apples, bananas, oranges and melons then your children would be able to concentrate better in an afternoon and as a result learn more!  I also ask you to do this because it is good for your Child’s health and chocolate and sweets are banned.

Thank you,


Student council meeting 28th

2B and 4B did not attend the meeting.

3P and 6D haven’t had school meeting. please have one next week.

3G wanted more boardgames for in the playground and they also wanted more games in the playground.

3P suggested: a vegetable eating contest, fruity Friday, to resume selling fruit again and healthiest class competition and veggie award for the winners.

4W favourite fruits are: Bananas, grapes, oranges, kiwi, starwberries, mangoes, water melons and pineapples.

Suggested names for houses: Running red, burning blue, growling green and yummy yellow. Also names of footballers,cars, planets, bands,actors, movies and superheros. the clubs they wanted a drum circle, boxing and crafting.

Mr Murphy gives a BIG thank you to all the teachers that helped out at the KS 2 movie night.