Meeting 1 SC

All the classes attended the meeting except for 4D.

The meeting started at 2:05 we were discussing the rules that every School Council member should follow. The rules are:

Listen to other people’s other ideas.

Run weekly class council meeting.

Be punctual(be on time).(2:00-2:30)

Put your hand up if you have to say something.

Keep School Council running.


School Council

This meeting we chose roles altogether there are four year sixes that do four roles.

Chair person : Betty Scout Breen

Vice Chair person: Abu Bakr Khan

Secretary: Priya Kaur Jhaj

Treasurer: Michael McNair-Williams

These are the roles next week I will post more about the meeting.




Extreme Reading Holiday Challenge Results

Well done to everyone who took part they have all received a Silver Award certificate for their effort.

Special Gold awards went to:

Naina Verma

Piranavan Saravanabavan

Sam Carefoot

Special Platinum awards went to:

Adam Carefoot

George Harrison

Megan Sangha


Special Diamond awards went to:

Manraaj Benning

Charley Leigh Robinson

Please keep taking those pictures and email them to Mrs Hadley, at:

Make the subject of the email: reading challenge – NAME – CLASSOr hand in a photograph.

There is a certificate for every entry and a prize for those that are especially unusual or funny!

24th November 2016

The meeting opened at 1:35.

School councillors were asked to find out for the next meeting:

What wet play activities their class would like.

What after school clubs children would like to attend.

Which books and authors they would like purchasing for their book corners.

Please be ready to share findings at the next meeting.


Meet the new leaders of your School Council

Orion (6M) is the new chair person. He says that he is confident to lead the council and that he is good at shaping ideas. He will listen to others because he cares and is ready to step up to the plate.

Ihtisham (6D) is the new vice chair. He says that he is also confident and willing to do as others ask him. He is more than ready to step in for the chair if necessary.

Sophie (6D) is the new secretary to the council. She says that she can use the blog and write really fast.

Aminah (6M) is the new treasurer because she can be trusted with money, help make the right choices about which charities to support or how to spend the money and she can compile accurate reports.


The next time you see them around school say hello to them.