SC meeting 2

The meeting started at 2:05.

Both year 2’s and 3’s didn’t come.

4A requests

Talent show, dress up for topic , more after school clubs, treats for new year , movie Monday.

4D didn’t have a meeting.

5B requests

Creative day, sports day, pyjamas day, Christmas party, celebrate the Queen’s birthday every year, disco

5D requests

Eid, international day, Black history day, support Cancer Reaserch, jumper day, School book day.

6D requests

More non-uniform days, football afternoon, teacher swap day, more fun trips, more holidays for teachers, change school uniform, football stadium trips, music and dance, inspiration day.

6M requests

Talent shows, dance, school disco for 50p, Christmas party, Easter egg hunt, football club/trial, Hadley stadium sports fundraiser, charity sale, school shop, Friday movies, performance, Pusdey day non-uniform day, cake sale, run marathons for charity, baking class, Valentine day/party.

The school Council vision is:

Every one behind heard, helping the community, making sure everyone is happy, be fair.


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