We are a healthy eating school

We would like to promote healthy eating at break times and lunch times. Please think of some ideas for promoting healthy eating and share them with your school councillors so that school council can get a campaign going.

31 thoughts on “We are a healthy eating school

  1. I think you should check people’s lunch boxes before they go outside. We should make a video about healthy eating a break times.

  2. In my opinion, I think we can promote eating healthy food at break times by giving each student a card and everytime they have a healthy snack they earn a credit.

  3. Please bring healthy food. It is for your health and you can’t bring chocolates, sweetes, crisps but you can bring, fruit, drinks, healthy bars. It is all for your health
    Thank you

  4. By promoting healthy eating you can give children who have a healthy can have a card with squares on it and you can stamp it. When the children have completed the card they got and extra 15mins of golden

  5. Basically to make the school more healthy you can have:

    A check when you come out onto playground to see if your hiding some junk food
    Whenever you eat a fruit you have a house point or a marble
    Whenever your seen with junk food in play time or in school you get suspended

  6. I think we could have a card and you get a tesacger to put special stickers on the card when you have a healthy snack and if you fill it up you can choose a prize.

  7. If you eat healthy snacks we will give you:
    Big football pitches,
    A healthy snack machine,
    Loads of fantastic trips,
    5 marbles in the jar for each healthy snack,
    And good competitions.

  8. For eating healthy we could give merit stickers,like for every 15 healthy snacks we could get a merit sticker for your merit book.

  9. Get something like a credit card and you stamp it every time a student brings in a healthy snack. When they get full stamps they get a prize.

  10. I think we could have a card and ever time you have a healthy snack you can get a special sticker on your card and if you fill it you can get a prize.

  11. To make the school more healthy
    People can check if you have healthy snake. If you could get a warning if you don’t have healthy snake

  12. Maybe we can have a card and every time we get something out for break that’s healthy we good have our own currency on our cards and we could give our card into the school and take out this new currency and if we have enough we win a prize

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