Jeremy strong 

Jeremy Strong came to Bearwood today!

Lots of us dressed up as our favourite characters from stories written by Jeremy.

Jeremy came down to read “Nellie Choc-Ice” to us and ask about our favourite stories and we had the chance to ask Jeremy questions. 

Making Bread!

This week we have been making bread just like the Hen did in the traditional tale ‘The Little Red Hen.’

We have enjoyed measuring out the correct amounts of each ingredient we needed, mixing it altogether and kneading it, before baking it in the oven to create lovely bread.


We’ve had lots of fun enjoying the wintery weather!

Our topic for next half term is winter. In preparation please talk at home about the winter season such as:

*weather and seasons 

*dressing appropriately 

* animals that live in wintery weather

Have a lovely Christmas! 

-The Reception Team.

Family forest

This week we enjoyed our family forest experience!

We got our hands dirty making muddy face sculptures, that we stuck around the forest and on trees.

We learnt all about camouflage; searching for the hidden frogs, playing a hunt the eggs game and decorating moths to blend in with the natural environment.

We made bird feeders with creamed coconut and seeds, making a promise to feed them all through the winter. 

We also made stick men and decorated them with eyes and ribbons. These were taken home to live with us.

We all had a fantastic time and can’t wait to visit Calthorpe Haven again in year 1.