Mae Jemison


October is Black History Month. To celebrate this we spent all day learning about Mae Jemison; the first African- American woman to go to space. We had lots of fun playing on the NASA website, counting stars in the moon gel, fishing for number rockets, painting splatter stars and making papier mache planets. We all went home very messy, but very happy!!!

4 thoughts on “Mae Jemison

  1. Your Space activities look brilliant. What did you use for your moon gel? I think Diamond class would enjoy getting messy using it.

    Please look at what Diamond class do for their learning.

    Mrs P

  2. It looks like the kids are having fun. All the kids look cute, I wish that I was still in reception so i can have lost of fun. But we have fun in year 6, soon you all will be in year six.

  3. Thank you Mrs P for your comments. We have looked at your blog too – the Diamond class are working really hard, and you have given us lots of good ideas. We really enjoyed your puppet shows and dancing!!! Keep up the hard work!! From Miss S and Miss D.

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