Number 3

Today is all about the number 3.

Let’s start with counting to 3. “1 2 3”.

Can you count three matching objects in your home? 3 cups, 3 pencils, 3 spoons.

Next have a go at writing the number 3 using the number rhyme to help you.

“Around the tree and around the tree, that’s the way to make a three”


Our letter sound today is ‘s’.

Says the sound and stretch it out….”sssssssss-snake”

Sssss-small, sssss-sat, sssss-silly, sssss-sand, ssss-sad.

Let’s sound out some ‘s’ words….

s-a-t, s-i-t, s-a-d, s-a-m.

Look at the phonic card and learn to write the sound. “Slither down the snake”.


Friday is creative day! Today I want you to have a go at making your own play-dough.

All you need is 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt and 1 cup of warm water. Mix it together and away you go!

If you create something you want to keep and paint later you can always leave it out in the sun to dry or bake your creation in the oven.

Have fun getting creative!

Word of the week

The word of the week is SMALL.

Please use this word with your children at home. Talk about what it means and give examples.

Make sure to sing our word award song to remember the new vocabulary….

“The word of the week is small, small, small – small, small, small – small, small small. The word of the week is small, small, small – small, small, small”.


Today I want us to take another look at phonics.

The sound of the day is ‘a’.

Practise saying ‘a’ words. aa-apple, aa-ant, aa-art, aa-alligator, aa-avocado.

Next let’s sound out some simple words containing ‘a’.

a-n-t, b-a-t, c-a-n.

Finally let’s write the letter sound down. Remember to go around the apple and down the leaf using your crabby fingers to grip the pencil!


Hello Nursery.

Today I want you to think about your physical development. I know at the moment it’s hard to get out, but as the weather is so nice it would be good to get some fresh air if you can.

Here are some suggestions:

* go for a walk, run or cycle with the people you live with.

* play some family games in your back garden (football, catch, hide and seek etc…)

* bounce on a trampoline if you have one at home.

* help your family to do a little gardening.

* walk up and down the stairs to keep fit.

* help your family with some house work.

* have a go at some children friendly excercises (see links below):

Please also remember that we need to physically develop our fine motor skills also, so please continue to use your homework folders to write your name and numbers as well as practising cutting skills and small hand movements.

Missing you all so much. Thank you for making the effort at home while we are unable to see you at school. Please check the blog tomorrow for your next daily challenge!


Hello again Nursery!

So now for your Tuesday challenge.

Yesterday we focussed on our first letter sound ‘m’, so now let’s practise our numbers again. We are looking at numbers 1 and 2 today.

First practise saying the number, then count out objects of that quantity and finally perfect writing the numeral using the number rhymes to help us.

And if all that is too easy for you, you could always start adding two groups together. For example 1 and 2 makes 3.


Hello Nursery and welcome to Monday (sorry it’s a little late in the day)

Today please remember the sound ‘m’. It’s a nice stretchy sound and the first set one sound we learn. Look around the house for things that start with ‘m’ and try some Fred Talk to sound out ‘m’ words like m-a-t and m-a-d.

Next have a go at writing the sound correctly. Down Maisie, over the mountain, over the mountain.

Good luck!