Number 5

Our number today is 5

Count to five, count five objects, do five jumps or claps and then try to write the number five using the number rhyme.

Please don’t forget to practise all the other numbers so that you don’t forget them.

Good luck!

Easter Holidays!

Hello Nursery.

Today is the first day of our Easter holiday!

To help keep us creative over the next two weeks the Nursery teachers have a collection of creative activity ideas for you to try ay home.

Please have a go at as many of the activities as you can or feel free to get creative and try one of your own ideas.

We would love to see your creations, so please feel free to email them to us to look at.

Please keep checking the blog as we will be updating daily and don’t forget to practise your name writing, phonics and numbers using your homework folders.

Enjoy the sunshine and keep in touch!

Mrs Vincent and Miss Smaira 🙂😀

Number 4

Our number of the day is number 4.

Let’s start by counting to 4 out loud. Next try to find 4 matching objects in your home or garden (four cups, fours leaves etc…).

Can you hold up 4 fingers on your hand?

Can you jump or hop 4 times?

Can you spot the number 4? Is there one on your watch? On someone’s front door? In a book? On the TV?

Take a look at the formation rhyme and try to write the number 4.