Safer Internet Day – 11th February

As you may have heard, today is World Safer Internet Day 2020!

This is an incredibly important day as it is a good time to talk about how we can keep children safe in a world that is more online than ever.

Here are some useful links from the UK Safer Internet Centre that will help keep kids safe when browsing the internet:

Also here are some interesting links to visit depending on which class you or your child is in:

    Reception, Year 1 & 2:

Nice simple video with opportunities to pause and discuss online safety and keeping personal information private

There is a whole load of resources here that link to a story called Smartie the Penguin. The lesson is labelled for Year 1 & Year 2 but the Year 1 lesson would be fine for reception too.

    Year 3:

Video about why it is important to protect your identity online and would lead nicely into an activity creating an avatar.

    Year 4 & 5:

Great set of videos about online gaming. There are some great guidelines and tips for online safety and settings for consoles.

    Year 6

There are some great videos here about social media (particularly snap chat) and how it can be used safely.

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