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Bearwood Crew 2018
Well done to the Bearwood Crew for performing at Dance Fest 2018 at Netherton Arts Centre in June. We are all very proud of you. Mrs Sibley. (More)
Walsall Art Gallery
It's been a week since our visit to Walsall Art Gallery. Is there a piece of art you remember? Why? What has made it stick in your mind? (More)
We had the opportunity to make models using modroc. Have a look at our work here! More)
The Giant's Necklace by Michael Morpurgo
Today we're being text detectives and interrogating The Giant's Necklace.  (More)
Week 1 Spellings
symbol system temperature variety vegetable accompany accompanied according accordingly sacrifice Remember to use the strategies that we taught you yesterday to help you remember them. Good luck! (More)
Art Gallery Preparation
We're busy creating pieces of art work for our art gallery, which will be held on Monday 16th October. We're creating self portraits and work inspired by Brueghel and Mondrian. More)
Play Countdown
You'll have seen the TV programme and now you have a chance to play a version of the numbers game! Good luck - leave a comment with your target number and your calculations to get there! Click the link to play: More)
Week 6 Spellings
Determined Develop Dictionary Especially Marvellous Neighbour Occupy Occur Ancient Bruise You can test yourself here (More)
Commas and demarcating sentences
Have a go at these to work on commas and demarcating sentences Commas Quizizz Code - 940893 Demarcating Sentences Quizizz Code - 924676 (More)
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