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Water Safety 
Do you know how to stay safe near water..? We have been looking closely at this in our PSHE this week. Remember this to help you: S.A.F.E. or Stay Away From the Edge Here is a clip to watch: More)
A Special Visitor from Thimblemill Library 
Kelly from Thimblemill Library did an assembly today and told us how much she loves to tell stories. She told us how she and Julie, the head librarian are looking forward to the Summer Reading Challenge 2017 called 'Animal Agents'. She showed us a tr (More)
Year 2 Seaside Art Gallery
Thank you so much to everyone who celebrated the children's hard work and effort in creating the pieces of 2D or 3D art for our gallery this week. Take a look at some of the work... More)
Fire! Fire! Find out about Samuel Pepys
We have been finding out about an important man from the past called Samuel Pepys. He helped us with facts about the Great Fire of London by doing som (More)
Fire ! Fire! Year 2 blending primary colours
Year 2 blending primary colours to create a colour wheel and paint our collage background (More)
Year 2 are being adjective and noun detectives!
Fire! Fire!  Year 2 are being historians and looking back into the past at The Great Fire of London.
Aston Hall
On Friday 29th September, we visited the stunning Aston Hall. We had a fantastic guide called Laura who helped us learn while we explored the beautiful building. There was dressing up, discovering different kinds of rooms and things to make. Take a l (More)
Firefighters visit
On Thursday 28th September, we had a visit from Tony, Andy, Dale and Dave who are firefighters from Smethwick Fire Station on Stony Lane. They led a presentation about The Great Fire of London and Fire Safety. We learnt about how people dealt with fi (More)
London's Burning!
Can you sing ‘London’s Burning’ Use these lyrics (song words) to help you:  ‘London’s Burning’ London’s Burning, London’s Burning. Fetch the engine, fetch the engine. Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Pour on water, pour on water. Build (More)
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