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Little Red Riding hood
Year 1 have started to learn a new story called Little Red Riding Hood. This afternoon they made their own story setting, and then used tissue paper to make a collage it.  They had included a forest, a river the wolf and Little Red Riding Hood. Well (More)
Aston Hall
On Friday 29th September, we visited the stunning Aston Hall. We had a fantastic guide called Laura who helped us learn while we explored the beautiful building. There was dressing up, discovering different kinds of rooms and things to make. Take a l (More)
Firefighters visit
On Thursday 28th September, we had a visit from Tony, Andy, Dale and Dave who are firefighters from Smethwick Fire Station on Stony Lane. They led a presentation about The Great Fire of London and Fire Safety. We learnt about how people dealt with fi (More)
London's Burning!
Can you sing ‘London’s Burning’ Use these lyrics (song words) to help you:  ‘London’s Burning’ London’s Burning, London’s Burning. Fetch the engine, fetch the engine. Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Pour on water, pour on water. Build (More)
Fire! Fire! Museum
Thank you to everyone who attended our fantastic museum today. The children were so proud to share all of their hard work from this topic. Here are some of the amazing pieces you had the opportunity to see: More)
Year 2 being detectives and finding time adverbials from The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch text.
Eating healthy food 
Here is a link to find out about a balanced diet: (More)
Road Safety - Staying safe when you're out and about
This week we have talked about how it is getting darker earlier and about staying safe near roads. We have a Pelican Crossing by school. Remember to press the button, WAIT (look across the road to spot the Red Man standing still). It’s safe to cross (More)
Professor McGinty - Time Travelling Detective
Year 2 have been time traveling with a special visitor today... Professor McGinty helped us to Time Travel into Victorian times! Find out more from his webpage: (More)
Queen Victoria
This week we have been learning about Queen Victoria. Find out more information by clicking on this link: More)
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