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Little Red Riding hood
Year 1 have started to learn a new story called Little Red Riding Hood. This afternoon they made their own story setting, and then used tissue paper to make a collage it.  They had included a forest, a river the wolf and Little Red Riding Hood. Well (More)
1S - The Three Little Pigs
Joshua in 1S has worked really hard today to draw a wonderful text map based on the classes new story. Keep up the good work!  (More)
Clay pigs
The Three Little Pigs
Today in talk for writing 1C  had to interview The Three Little Pigs.They came up with their own questions to ask The Three Little Pigs. How did you get rid of the wolf? Where did you hide? How did you feel when your house blew down? Why were you (More)
1S building structures
Today 1S used their DT skills to explore ways to construct models. They were able to recognise what is needed to make a structure stronger, stiffer and more stable. We can't wait till the next lesson when the bad wolf comes to blow them down. More)
Who house will withstand the wolf?
Year 1 have designed and created different houses using different equipment.  The aim of this experiment is to construct a house that will not blow down when the big bad wolf comes. Children made their houses out of straw, bricks, cardboard and lego. (More)
1S role play 
Today 1S used their drama skills to be reporters interviewing the big bad wolf. Why did you blow down the house of sticks and straw?  How did you feel when you couldn't blow down the house of bricks? More)
1S Science 
The big bad wolf came to destroy our houses. Did he succeed?  (More)
From rags to riches
After learning about the story of Cinderella, we are hard at work weaving a dress that shows how she transformed from a poor girl to a princess (More)
1S Finding tens and ones
We have been working on our place value boards to make numbers to 100. More)
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