Mrs Homer’s group. Archery and fencing

what a great start to our afternoon, archery followed by fencing.

5 thoughts on “Mrs Homer’s group. Archery and fencing

  1. Hi zain I hope you had fun in archery 🏹. I know you really wanted to try that looks like everyone having a great time. I’m glad u got to experience this. Thankyou to all who organised this for our children. Thankyou to the teachers for looking after them. This will be a experience the children will always remember as zains grandad and uncle went as children… zain you can share your experiences with them. Xx

  2. Nice to see your enjoying yourself keshive, can’t wait to see you tomorrow miss you loads, mom dad onkar and anjali

  3. We know you were really looking forward to the archery William. We hope it, and the fencing, were fantastic and you had loads of fun.

    See you tomorrow!

    Love and hugs, Dylan, Harry, Mum and Dad.

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