6 thoughts on “Fire and shelter building

  1. Hi guys it’s me Aminah from 6M. Looks like your enjoying yourself. It looks better now than last time I went. Are you enjoying the activities? Do you like the food? If you feel homesick that’s OK. And also hi Jannah it’s me Aminah your cousin. Looks like you had fun building the shelter.

    I will write some more soon xx
    Take care x
    Bye ????

  2. Great work guys!
    Betty, your daddy is so jealous he is not there helping you build shelters and make fires. We can’t wait to see you. Counting the minutes until tomorrow afternoon!
    Be prepared for the monster hugs!
    Love from
    Mom, Dad and Kitty xx

  3. Kieron, we hope you have had a wonderful time. We have been looking at the pictures and it looks like great fun. Love from Henry, Cait and Andy

  4. hey shazna, i think i can see you on this picture!! ill make you a nice dinner for tomorrow, enjoy the rest if your stay xx mom. suraiyah will not sleep without you!!

  5. Hi Alys
    We are missing you! It’s very quiet here ?
    Looking forward to having you back tomorrow. Very proud of you and great to see the photos. All our love Xxxxxx

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